Morning Musings: Do One Thing

Updated: Jun 8

Make the phone call. Write the email. Send the text. Do the one thing.

One thing can open the door to many other things. One small action can have a great impact, if one only takes the step to do it.

Many years ago I found myself managing a local coffee shop in my hometown. The shop had had a sort of "fresh start," and we were looking for ways to help get our name out and to build better connections with the community. We had pretty good coffee and lots of good wall space, so some sort of art show seemed like a natural solution. But where to find artists?

I had moved away from and back to my hometown so many times by that point, I didn’t have many deep connections. I don’t remember exactly how it came about, but someone told me about a sort of “unofficial” arts council that had begun in our city at the time. I didn’t know what it was about or who was involved, but I had a dream, and this unofficial arts council had artists.

So. I sent one email.

One email explaining who I was and what I wanted to do.

That one email led to one meeting with a group of artists. That one meeting led to 6 months of art shows booked in one evening. Those art shows led to countless new friendships and connections in our community. It was (as far as I know) a very mutually beneficial arrangement:

  • The coffee shop had wonderful, creative art on the walls that rotated each month; we got to support and know local artists; and we introduced something new to our community.

  • Local artists had a new place to display their art, got to plan their own “opening,” and had one more opportunity to make connections with other creatives and art enthusiasts in the city.

And it all started with one single email.

It starts with one step.

Fast forward a decade or so, and I find the same logic still works.

This year, I decided to undertake a mighty big journey of opening a brick-and-mortar store. One of my biggest worries was finding an actual retail space in our adopted hometown. I don't know anyone here. How will I ever know what buildings are open and when? What if there is never a building?

Thankfully, we did find a space. It started with one meeting, and one person at that meeting (a complete stranger at the time) advising me to send an email to someone else (another complete stranger).

I mulled it over, took a deep breath, and wrote one email. In turn, that person sent an email, and the recipient of that email called me. Within a week, we had toured the prospective space and made a new friend. A few months later, we have gotten the go-ahead to start moving into the space and making it ours. And it really all started with one email.

There's a Community waiting.

Looking back on this concept of "Do one thing," I realize it's not my actions alone. There was (and always is) a lot of Divine Intervention going on behind the scenes that could accomplish far more than I am ever able to on my own. I like to think of these interventions as everyday miracles.

One of these everyday miracles is the presence of community. There has always been a community waiting - a group of people who were also willing to take one action or one step to help. I am so thankful for these people, because their faith, boldness, and action have helped bring visions to life and life to their community.

What's your one thing?

What about you? Have you had similar experiences, where one small action ended up having a big impact? Comment below and share your story with us!

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