What it is:

Unique, cozy, full of color and character. Lightweight textured cotton fibers in a classic farmhouse palette combine together to make a dreamily-drapable 3-season scarf. 


Why we like it:

We love the big, bold check pattern in a carefully select palette of deep navy, gold, sea green, light country blue, and fresh white. It is effortlessly comfortable and chic all at the same time.


Who else might like it:  

This scarf is great for anyone who just wants something to "throw on." It is lightweight enough to wear as an accessory indoors and long enough to wrap around a couple of times to keep warm outside. 


Autumn Hayride Scarf

  • We wove this scarf in our home studio in East Tennessee using a rigid heddle loom. A rigid heddle loom is a traditional-style, table-top handloom.

    After weaving, we hand sew the edges with a hemstitch to prevent raveling.

    Finally, all scarves go through a process called wet-finishing. We soak the scarves in a gentle, eco-friendly rinse and let them air dry. This creates a stronger bond between the individual fibers by causing them to bloom and become tightly interlocked.