What it is:

A big, fluffy convertible scarf woven in a buffalo-check pattern using grey and white 100% organic cotton yarn. The buffalo checks wax and wane, adding a modern twist to a classic pattern. It has 2 bright (but not too bright) green buttons, so you can wrap it around like a traditional scarf or button it into a cowl.  


Why we like it:

It's so soft and squishy, like a cloud made out of cotton. We like the textured yarn, that sets it slightly apart, and the pop of celery-green buttons, that give it a bit of whimsy. 


Who else might like it:

Great for anyone with a wool-sensitivity, who is looking for natural fibers!


This scarf is basically like wearing a hug around your neck. Once you put it on, you will not want to take it off!

Buffalo Check Cozy Scarf

  • We wove this scarf in our home studio in East Tennessee using a rigid heddle loom. A rigid heddle loom is a traditional-style, table-top handloom. 

    After weaving, we hand sew the edges with a hemstitch to prevent raveling.

    Finally, all scarves go through a process called wet-finishing. We soak the scarves in a gentle, eco-friendly rinse and let them air dry. This creates a stronger bond between the individual fibers by causing them to bloom and become tightly interlocked.