What it is:

Rich, bold colors intertwine together to create dynamic shifting rows of vibrant hues, like walking through autumn in the mountains.


Why we like it:

From afar, it looks like a colorful ombre of nature - the deep green of fir trees, blues of river creeks, and rich reds and oranges of changing leaves. Up close, you notice that the fibers are actually colors twisted together. This creates a dynamic pattern, that almost makes it appear like the colors are zigzagging their way around the scarf.


Who else might like it: 

Anyone who loves colors, especially those found it nature! Great for anyone with a wool-sensitivity.



Autumn in the Mountains Scarf

  • We wove this scarf in our home studio in East Tennessee using a rigid heddle loom. A rigid heddle loom is a traditional-style, table-top handloom.

    After weaving, we hand sew the edges with a hemstitch to prevent raveling.

    Finally, all scarves go through a process called wet-finishing. We soak the scarves in a gentle, eco-friendly rinse and let them air dry. This creates a stronger bond between the individual fibers by causing them to bloom and become tightly interlocked.

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