Carry your keys, ID badge, or any other items with this beautiful handwoven lanyard. A true work of art, each lanyard is completely unique and as fashionable as it is functional! These make great gifts or stocking stuffers!


We hand-wove each lanyard out of a blend of cotton and acrylic fibers on an Inkle loom in our home studio. In Inkle weaving, the warp threads are packed tightly together, creating a band that is sturdy and durable. For this lanyard, we chose a pattern called "Egyptian Key" in which 2 colors interlock with each other bordered by a third color.  These lanyards are available with either a silver or copper swivel clasp.


Please note that each lanyard is completely one-of-a-kind. The item shown in the photos are an example of how your item will look, but exact size/shape/color may vary between items. 





Handwoven Lanyard - Deep Navy and Grey

  • We wove each lanyard in our home studio in East Tennessee using an Inkle loom. The Inkle loom is a table-top loom that lets the weaver create sturdy and beautiful bands and belts. After weaving, we hand sew the edges with a hemstitch to prevent raveling.