What it is:

A knit infinity scarf in a soft, premium acryclic yarn. The cheerful blend of gold, green, grey, navy, and soft pink makes us think of taking a fall walk with a warm cup of coffee in our hands.


Why we like it:

We like the ease of wearing an infinity scarf with the classic knit-look. This scarf can be dressed up or down, and is perfect for both indoors and out!


Who else might like it:  

Anyone who likes great style without much fuss! Wear it as one big loop or double-it up for a cozy feel. The charming colors are perfect for anyone who likes a bit of whimsy and fun!


Knit Infinity Scarf - November Stroll

  • We knit this scarf in our home studio in East Tennessee. After weaving, we joined the edges with a crochet rib. 

    Please note that each scarf is completely unique. Because of the handmade process, we can never recreate the exact same scarf. The scarf featured in the picture is an example of how your scarf will look, but the actual scarf may be slightly different.

    The colors used in the crochet joining row may vary scarf to scarf and are up to the artist's perogative!