What it is:

A blend of soft, gentle gray alpaca fibers and bold multi-colored wool. A repeating pinwheel pattern adds an extra bit of texture to this keepsake scarf.  


Why we like it:

We like the way that the warp (think: long-running yarns) forms 3 distinct columns of color softened by the gentle feel of alpaca.


Who else might like it: 

Anyone who loves to be warm and enjoys the feel of natural fibers. For color-lovers and fans of neutral tones alike!

Sidewinder Alpaca Scarf

  • We wove this scarf in our home studio in East Tennessee using a rigid heddle loom. A rigid heddle loom is a traditional-style, table-top handloom.

    After weaving, we hand sew the edges with a hemstitch to prevent raveling. Then we twisted the fringe.

    Finally, all scarves go through a process called wet-finishing. We soak the scarves in a gentle, eco-friendly rinse and let them air dry. This creates a stronger bond between the individual fibers by causing them to bloom and become tightly interlocked.

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