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Product Spotlight: Meet the Woobles!

From the first time I set eyes on these adorable little craft kits, I knew that the store needed them!

In addition to being cute-to-boot and causing spontaneous smiles, the Woobles accomplishes something more: teaching a skill that can be used one's whole life long, thus unleashing a life's worth of creativity, passion, and inspiration - not to mention self-reliance and lower anxiety.

And the Woobles accomplishes all this in a beginner-friendly package perfect for today's modern crafter!

Each kit contains enough to make one Wooble - yarn, crochet hook, eyes, yarn needle, and stuffing. Instead of printed directions, the instructions are online, accessed via a QR code. From your mobile device, you can access step-by-step video instructions that will teach you how to crochet and how to make this most adorable little animal. If you already know how to crochet, then you can bypass the videos and go straight to a PDF of the instructions.

If you have been telling yourself that you're "not crafty" or "not creative enough," nonsense. The Woobles craft kits are designed for complete beginners. They take all the fear, stress, and pressure off of learning a new craft.

We love learning new crafts and are so excited to carry a product that teaches a new craft to others in such an approachable and enjoyable way! Pick up your Woobles today!

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