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Welcome to Harriman, Gather Coffee!

This post has nothing to do with yarn, but I'm just so excited, I had to share!

I love coffee and coffee shops and coffee culture and am so excited that we finally have a good coffee shop right in our downtown!

The original Gather Coffee Lounge is in Oneida, TN, where they also roast their own coffee. The owners even travel to Columbia to meet the farmers and hand-pick the coffee beans. Their commitment to quality coffee and a welcoming coffee shop atmosphere is apparent all around. I am so thankful to have a small business like this in our downtown.

Today was their ribbon cutting in Harriman, and I think the whole town turned out for it.

We have apparently all been starving for artisan coffee for some time...

Here's some pics from around the cafe...

And, if you're standing in line, there is a beautiful view of the plateau... It always looks great in the Fall.

And, after several years of having to drive at least 30 minutes to a "real" coffee shop, we now have a place within walking distance...

Welcome to town, Gather Coffee. We hope you like it here! We are so excited to have you in our downtown!

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