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Top quality, great for dishtowels and similar projects. (Colors match up to Maysville 100% Cotton 8/4 rug warp) This product is not rug warp.


Each color is wound on 1/2 lb tubes (same size tubes as 8/4 warp)- approx. 1,600 yards per tube.


Available in Natural Ivory (undyed) and dyed colors. This cotton yarn is unmercerized, so it has a traditionally rustic, matte finish.  Our color collection is growing all the time!



* Please note: Color images may vary due to screen and monitor differences.


8/2 Cotton Yarn

PriceFrom $10.50
    • Fiber: 100% Cotton
    • Put-Up: 1600 yards on 1/2 lb tube
    • Weaving Weight: 8/2
    • Sett: 18 - 24 epi
    • Finish: Unmercerized cotton, matte finish

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