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When a fellow weaver can’t help but touch your handwoven scarf, shawl, or other project, it’s known as the weaver’s handshake. In this issue you’ll find projects with all kinds of tempting textures that other weavers won’t be able to leave alone.


Among the 21 projects featured in the issue, you’ll find tea towels woven with bouclé cotton, a colorful scarf with differential shrinkage, puffy embellished pin-loom and rigid-heddle pillows, and a traditional Icelandic wall hanging woven using unspun wool locks. If you’re looking to add some texture to a project you’ve already woven, you’ll also find an article on visible mending where you’ll learn how to use a darning loom.

Little Looms - Spring 2023

  • Your favorite magazine about small-loom weaving is back with fresh projects for Spring! Easy Weaving with Little Looms offers education and inspiration for weavers on rigid-heddle, inkle, tapestry, pin looms and more.


    • String Theory: Identifying the Fiber Content of Mystery Yarns by Deanna Deeds
    • Tapestry Talk: Finishing and Presenting Your Work by Tommye Scanlin
    • Mending the Visible (and Invisible) by Emily Hartford
    • Weaving with Two Heddles by Sienna Bosch
    • Yarn Blank Basics by Greta Holmstrom

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