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Keep your stitches from disappearing into the universe never to be found again with the "Hold it Right There" kit from Comma Craft Co. These kits are a great value and will make the perfect addition to your project bag!

Each kit includes

2 x 24" cords

1 x 60" cord

1 set (2 pieces) Needle Point Protectors*


*Needle Point Protectors have been randomly selected by Comma Craft Co. Pictures show possible point protectors, but each kit is unique."


Made in THE USA.

Hold it Right There Kit - Stitch Holder Cord and Point Protectors

    • Each kit comes with 3 cords (2 x 24" and 1 x 60") and 1 set of coordinating point protectors.
    • Point protector style/color has been randomly chosen.
    • Materials: Materials: food grade silicone, plastic, synthetic rubber
    • How to Use:
      • Cords: Firmly squish the tube over your knitting needle point until you have a secure fit, slide stitches onto the cord, and either use the cord to try on your garment or tie a simple knot to hold your stitches for later. When you're ready to make your stitches live again, simply attach the cord back to the needle point and slide back onto your needle. Works best with needles size US 2-US 10.
      • Needle point protectors: These fun designs are made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone. Simply stick your needle points into the hole in the point protector and your stitches will stay secure! Works best with needles size US 2 - US 11.
      • Need a video? Check out:
    • DISCLAIMER: These items should only be used for their intended purpose. Walther Handmade, LLC / Comma Craft Co are not responsible for any damage, injury, or drama that arises from the use or misuse of these items. Please securely store out of reach of pets, babies, kids and maybe some adults (you know the type). By purchasing these items, you agree to take full responsibility for whatever.
    • Made in the USA

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