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Seeknit has introduced a sophisticatedly colored measuring tape. It features eco-friendly colors and a calm, soothing appearance. We hope you will enjoy using it together with Seeknit bamboo knitting needles.


This is a compact tape measure that is easy to carry in your pocket or pouch and is convenient to use when you want to measure something on the go. The tape is flexible, so it can be used not only to measure straight lengths, but also to fit around round objects. The tape measure auto-retracts with the push of a button.

Seeknit - Tape Measure

    • Founded in 1916, Kinki Amibari is the manufactuer of Japan's finest bamboo knitting needles. To celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2016, Kinki Amibari launched a new brand “Seeknit” to help you seek and explore the world of knitting. Through our products and various activities, we thought that we could bring knitting closer to you. Kinki Amibari will continue to contribute to and promote the ongoing culture of knitting.

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