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The Spring Rain Wrap is a true work of art that combines movement, texture, and color to create a sophisticated, yet completely functional wardrobe staple.


The "backdrop" of the wrap is an ever-shifting canvas of blues ranging from rich navy and turquoise to sky and robin's egg. Over this is a checker pattern of shimmery dark grey. Just like the spring, this wrap is shimmery and every-changing!


The checkered pattern for this wrap was made using a technique called supplemental weft. Supplemental Weft  is a way of adding design to the surface, by creating an extra layer during the weaving process. The design was repeated for the entire length and width of the wrap,  creating the checkered surface.


* Please note: Color images may vary due to screen and monitor differences.


Spring Rain Handwoven Wrap

  • This scarf was woven by Jillian of Walther Handmade on a rigid heddle loom.

    I like weaving, because it reminds me of painting with yarn. I can mix different fibers, colors, and textures and create something new every time.



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