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Locking stitch markers lock onto knitted or crocheted stitches for worry-free stitching. Use them to mark increases or decreases in your pattern, keeping stitches from dropping, and marking beginnings or ends of rounds. 


  • 20 pcs/package
  • Includes a clear storage pouch


* Please note: Color images may vary due to screen and monitor differences.

Clover - Locking Stitch Markers

  • Clover was founded by Mr. Toshio Okada at the age of 26 in 1925. Quality has always been at the forefront of our company's core.

    Our name originated when a young Toshio Okada was attending college; he would study in the park and use clovers to bookmark his pages. When Mr. Okada founded the company, he remembered the hard work and dedication it took to succeed in his studies and all the clovers stuck between the pages of his books that accompanied him through his journey. In 1948, Clover officially became the brand.

    In 1983, Clover USA was established in Los Angeles. With the support of our parent company, Clover USA has become a substantial brand in the artisan world of North America.

    We value the bonds we keep with our customers and to make the difference in the tools our customers use. We want to thank our customers who are fans of our products and our hope is that they make their friends fans of us too.

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