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hoebe's Sweater is a unique children's storybook written by Joanna Johnson and illustrated by her husband, Eric Johnson. Phoebe's Sweater is a hardcover full-color illustrated children's storybook which includes a series of knitting patterns which accompany the story. The book is published by Joanna's independent press, Slate Falls Press, and includes knitting patterns for a girl's sweater, doll, and matching doll sweater. The doll sweater fits the knitted toy from the book as well as most 16" -18" dolls.

Phoebe's Sweater

  • Enter the world of Phoebe Mouse as she lives and grows through the changing seasons. Join her adventures in her woodland world as the year brings a special surprise for her family. At the end of the story, you will discover a beautiful series of knitting patterns that allow Phoebe's story to be brought to life through the skilled hands of a knitter.

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