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Big News: Interlacements is coming!

Mark your calendars for November 25, because that is the first day of our first-ever trunk show with Interlacements Yarns!

Interlacements Yarns offers luxurious, unique, and all-around fun hand-dyed yarns and fibers. The owner, Keli, lives with her family on a farm in Northeast Wisconsin. She is a dyer, knitter, and shepherdess to a small flock of Lincoln and Blue Faced Leister sheep. She says she is happiest when she is "up to my elbow in wool."

Keli took over the reins of Interlacements in 2022 from her friend, Tracey Schuh. Like Tracey, Keli is continuing the Interlacements tradition of the "Art of Fiber and Color," hand-dyeing clear and vibrant colorways across different fibers and bases. I am so excited to see Interlacements thrive in Keli's creative and capable hands!

A Bit of History...

A handwoven scarf
I wove this scarf pairing Interlacements Zig Zag with a solid-color yarn.

I (Jillian) have been working with Interlacements since 2017 or so. One day I walked into the Smoky Mountain Spinnery, and there was this display rack of shimmering yarns with colors like I had never seen before. Think of how the sun glints off a body of water, and it's like a little rainbow dancing - that is what Interlacements yarn reminds me of. Every skein seemed to be its own little cosmos of colors. Since then, every time I go to the Smoky Mountain Spinnery, I make sure to pick up a hank of Interlacements Zig Zag. I have woven several scarves out of Zig Zag over the years, and each one is a hit! Drapey, luxurious, and effortlessly stylish, the colors of Zig Zag are truly mesmerizing.

Also, I just like the logo. Would I buy yarn because the yarn company used a Celtic knot for their logo? Yes, probably... But I would keep buying it, because it's excellent yarn.

Present Day...

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending SAFF for the first time. Lo and behold, what do I see, but the bright blue Interlacements Celtic Knot on a banner, and I thought, "Whoah! These people are real??? And I can talk to them???"

I completely "fan-girled" for a few moments (plus, it's always nice to meet other Midwesterners because, well, we're generally nice people) and got to meet Interlacements (aka Keli and her husband) in person, and exchange business cards and all that good stuff.

A few emails and a phone call later, and I am happy to announce that...

{Drumroll please}

We're hosting an interlacements trunk show!!!

Beautiful, drapey, colorful, dreamy, hand-dyed Interlacements Yarn is coming to our little pocket of the world, and I am over the moon!

The Trunk Show will start on Small Business Saturday (November 25) and run until December 2. That's 1 week only! Keli is sending us an array of their yarns and fibers - roving braids, wool yarns for socks and apparel, cotton blends for weaving, and of course - rayon Zig Zag. Whether you knit, crochet, spin, or weave - you are sure to find the perfect yarn from Interlacements!

As the Sit'n'Stitchers say, "Start saving your pennies" and mark your calendars for the Interlacements Trunk Show! November 25 thru December 2!

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