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Feature Friday: Feather Felts

I am so pleased to share the newest member of our fiber tribe: Feather Felts!

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek of the kits, right out of the box!

Feather Felts is a true passion for co-founder, Jane Hamlin. Working as a Primary school teacher, she started teaching wet-felting on the weekends and then progressed onto needle felting. She started designing her own needle-felting models. As those became more popular, her son had the idea to make them into kits. A family business was born! Today, Jane's son takes care of the website, social media, and bookkeeping, while she focuses on design, making the kits, and teaching felting workshops.

Based in Yorkshire, England, Jane is surrounded by the natural beauty of the coast and North Yorkshire Moors as well as woodlands and countryside. Each landscape provides a treasure of nature and color. Jane says:

Felting is my homage to them...The sheer variety of Britain’s wildlife and plantlife offer endless inspiration and, always the teacher, I love to share and teach others.

Like many fiber enthusiasts, Jane is a "poly-crafter" -- she has quilted, embroidered, painted, drawn, sewn and more. Now she focuses on her "best love" - felting. To her, she says that felting is very versatile and therapeutic.

Here in the States, Felting is somewhat of the "new kid" on the fiber crafting block. Many are not sure if they can do it or if they will like it. Felting Kits, like these from Feather Felts, are a great way to answer both of those questions and get started with needle felting! The kits contain everything you need to complete a full project - including step-by-step directions! Like any new hobby, it may take some time and practice. However, in the end, you'll have your own little piece of Yorkshire and a new-found artistic skill!

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