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Feature Friday: Slate Falls Press

Imagine with me:

A charming children's story featuring adorable characters brought to life by colorful and inviting hand-drawn illustrations that fill the reader (young and old) with a sense of warmth and coziness.

Example of Sweater Pattern

A collection of high-quality knitting patterns that will enable you or the knitter in your life to make cute and adorable toys and children's apparel.

Are you imagining yourself buying 2 different books?

What if all of these wonderful things were in 1 book together? A great story for children and a series of knitting patterns for yourself (or a knitting friend)?

That's exactly what the team behind Slate Falls Press (aka Eric and Joanna Johnson) has accomplished with their heartwarming children's books: Freddie's Blanket, Phoebe's Birthday, Phoebe's Sweater, and Henry's Hat.

Each book features a simple story focused on a different character: Freddie Platypus, Phoebe Mouse, and Henry Chipmunk. After the story, there is a series of patterns inspired by the characters and objects in the story. You can actually make Henry's Hat, Phoebe's Sweater, and Freddie's Blanket!

Even if you're not a knitter, the children's stories stand on their own as simple, timeless stories that all children can relate to. The illustrations are rich and colorful, bringing each scene to life. These make a great addition to anyone's collection!

Meet the Makers

Slate Falls Press is an independent press in Colorado, run by Eric and Joanna Johnson. Joanna is the author of each story and also designs the knitting and sewing patterns included in each book, while Eric draws upon his childhood love of drawing to create the darling illustrations. Their work has been reviewed in Yarn Market News, Living Crafts, Knitty, Stitch, Piecework, Interweave Knits, Knit 'N Style, Knitting Today, Model Life, and Knitcircus.

Inspired by Literature

In addition to their line of children's books, Joanna has also authored knitting books, inspired by literary classics such as Little Women and Sherlock Holmes.

Fitting for October and the Fall season, we carry Green Gables Knits in store! Inside is a treasure of knitting patterns, quotes, and photographs that bring Green Gables to life!

If you love to read and knit, then this is the book for you! It fills us with all of the cozy, Fall vibes!

Falling for Knit-erature!

Joanna Johnson's knack for blending classic stories with knitting has inspired me to create a new word: Kniterature.

We have fallen completely in love with the Kniterature from Slate Falls Press and hope you will too!

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