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Feature Friday: Weaving with Black Sheep Goods

This Friday we're looking at Black Sheep Goods, the company behind our DIY Tapestry Weaving Kits.

After catching "weaver fever," Black Sheep Goods founder Ashley Owens wanted to find a way to spread the joy of weaving with others. This led her to create the Pop Out Loom & Tools Kit - a beginner-friendly weaving kit that includes everything one needs to get started with the weaving process - a loom, 2 shuttles, pick-up stick, comb, and tapestry needle. With this all-inclusive DIY kit, even someone who has never woven before can learn the basics of weaving and make their own work of art in a small amount of time.

Pop out loom and tools kit
Photo by Black Sheep Goods

Woven Tapestries
Photo by Black Sheep Goods

Ashley says she loves fiber because fiber is "such a huge, vast array of things. And there's just no end to it." This kit exemplifies that because it allows -- even someone who may consider themselves "crafty" -- to stretch their creative muscles and make something truly unique. After a few hours, one can say one learned how to weave and made their own work of art.

And doesn't it just feel nice to look up at your wall and say, "I made that"?

Ashley is a multi-faceted fiber artist. She also does macrame, ice-dyes clothes, tufts rug, and processes and spins yarn. You can learn more about her and her one-of-a-kind creations at her online home:

I am very thankful for the creativity and inspiration of other makers out there - I love to learn about their journeys, what they're making, and what motivates them. I love that Ashley has taken the time, thought, and care to make weaving approachable and accessible to anyone! Not only do these kits include everything you need to get started, but they also have lovely full-color pictures that will show you how to get started and common weaving techniques. If you're looking to learn a new skill or for an easy weekend project, pick up your Weaving Kit today!

Resources: Information about Black Sheep Goods/Ashley Owens taken from Meet the Maker and The Weaver

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