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Say Hello To: Zeoli Yarns

You know those people you meet in life and you feel like you have already known them years and years and you're just ready to be their best friend after 2 or 3 minutes?

Paige came to visit us at the shop!

Paige, the founder of Zeoli Yarns, is one of those people.

From the first time I reached out to her, she was warm, gracious, and welcoming. A veteran of the fiber world, I could sit and listen to her for hours and hours and just bask in her knowledge of all things fiber.

On top of being a genuinely lovely person to spend time with, Paige is also a talented fiber artist and shares her work through Zeoli Yarns.

At Zeoli Yarns, Paige hand-dyes yarn in small batches, using both plant-based and animal-based fibers. Originally from California and now living in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, Paige's colorways are like a cross-country journey from beachside sunsets to shimmery mountain mornings. The time she has put into learning her craft is evident in her thoughtful colorways and techniques.

The name Zeoli comes from Paige's grandmother, Gentila (Virginia) Zeoli-Fitzgerald. Gentila was also fiber and textile artist. Paige carries on her legacy by bringing by bringing beauty to this world through color and luxurious fiber.

One feature of Zeoli Yarns that stands out is Paige's dedication to supporting small family businesses by using fibers grown and produced in the USA. She dyes with both plant and animal fiber bases, using quality USA cotton and wool yarns from family farms. Her yarns are available in a variety of weights, from fingering to bulky, perfect for our finicky East Tennessee seasons!

I am so honored to be able to announce that this talented, wonderful human being and her one-of-a-kind yarns are going to be at Walther Handmade on April 29 from 10 am - 4 pm to help us celebrate Local Yarn Store Day! Zeoli Yarns are created with professional dyes, high-quality yarn, and a high attention to detail. No two skeins are alike! If you have never experienced hand-dyed yarns, this is the perfect opportunity to see, feel, and shop in person!

Mark your Calendars! Zeoli Yarns and LYS Day will be here on April 29!

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